Mastering Equalizers, Compressors & Processors

Crane Song Ibis   this is the full mastering version with all controls on switches for perfect stereo matching and 100% recall, with unique "color" control which can be applied to a full EQ signal path or only one band. 

Crane Song STC 8H - Transparent and punchy, with unique Ki / Hara mode  with an  external  Neumann HPF/LPF  inserted in the S/C input for additional sound shaping possibilities.

Summit/Neve Element 78 - By the words of it's designer - legendary Rupert Neve  - one of his best designs. Very transparent , yet it possesses  a specific "Neve" sound.  

Dave Hill Designs Titan  - perfect for mixes that need some punch and coloration

SPL Pass EQ - Huge sounding passive equalizer with very neutral & precise  sound. 

API 2500 - Legendary 2 bus compressor. No more words needed. 

Anamod ATS 1 with all machine cards - the ultimate analog tape simulator

Vertigo Sound VSM 2 aka The Mix Satellite - My "secret"  weapon which enables me to use unique processing combinations of my existing analog outboard. There are  two silky-velvety sounding  harmonic saturation  generators on board, that can be routed to process L/R or only M/S.