About Gregor Zemljič

Musician, producer, mixing&mastering engineer, sound designer, arranger, performer, DJ, analog synthesizer and vintage audio gear freak... are just some of the terms that describe what I do and who I am. Sound as a physical force that vibrates within the air around us has been my main field of interest for the past twenty years. I never limit myself with style or form - I just follow the music or sound that intrigues me.

I started my career as one of the first electronic music artists in Slovenia with my band Random Logic, which released several critically acclaimed EPs and an internationally awarded album .   In the early nineties I involved myself into several projects  that were and some still are, focused towards various genres of electronic music and were released on numerous European and International labels (over 70 12 inch EPs and countless genre related CD compilations).

Simultaneously, various musicians and music groups, expressed interest in my production, programming and mix engineering skills. I creatively collaborated on very different styles of music - from the first Slovenian hip-hop projects, remixes of alternative rock groups, complete productions for commercial dance projects and mainstream pop acts -  to original music and sound effects design for high profile theatre and dance  performances, TV commercials, movies, web sites and social events. In the next few years, I assembled an extensive list of diverse credits for leading alternative, pop and advertising clients.

I founded  Earresistible Studio in the year 1999 with Valentino Kanzyani and for almost  10 years -  a big part of Slovenian electronic & alternative music  history was produced, mixed & mastered in it by two of us.

After an extensive  acoustical and technical renovation in 2008/2009,  I  reopened its doors as top notch stem mixing/mastering room for various genres of music.

My most successful recent  projects where I collaborated as a producer, arranger or a  mixing/mastering  engineer include:  Carl Cox - the world renowned DJ,   Magnifico -internationally successful Slovenian pop legend and DJ Umek – one of the world's  best techno DJs and producers.

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